Ivar Abrahamsen


Who am I?

I am Ivar Abrahamsen.
Ivar Eystein to family, Ivar to friends, Fjords to some friends and Flurdy to some others.

I am in my fourties. I tend to say I am from Asker, Norway, but I currently live in Alton in Hampshire, just outside London.
But I have moved around a lot and lived and worked in several countries:
Telemark, Norway (born) -> Sandnes -> Asker -> Stockholm, Sweden -> Peak District, England
  -> Manchester (including spells in Germany & Qatar) -> Oslo -> Hampshire/London.

Chloe is my better looking half, whom I met at university in Manchester many moons ago, and we have two lovely daughters, Lily and Ruby.

I am a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Manchester, and I run my own IT consultancy. Over the past 20 years I have mainly worked as a Software Engineer using Java and Scala with middleware integration, data processing and web applications. Mostly with banks and in telecoms but also several fantastic startups.

My main interests are sports and technology. My flurdy.com website, blog and tweets reflects the nerdy side of me. I spend far too much time with a laptop frying my groin than I should do.

I am a bit of sports nut. I will watch any sport, although mostly football depending on where I live. In Manchester I went to Old Trafford for 100+ matches. In Oslo I tried to catch every away match Viking played nearby.

I love playing football, floorball, ice-hockey, any team sports really. I ski downhill and cross country as much as possible (I am Norwegian after all). Rollerblade, cycling, kayaking, golf, etc. Just not running nor go to a gym, as my actual fitness shows these days...

My personality is a bit laid back, and can be quite blunt and non-pc.
At work I like to think I am conscientious, opinionated and helpful, but never really stressed :)

Friends and family can contact me via Facebook.

Collegues and business associates can find me on LinkedIn.

Stalkers can follow me on Twitter. (Be aware it is mostly technology rants...)